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Sea-Town Real Estate was a tech-enabled indie Real Estate Firm in West Seattle, WA. Founded in 2017 by Christian Harris, Sea-Town Real Estate started with just Christian and grew to 14 agents in their 2nd year. He really specialized in helping residential home buyers and sellers in providing consistently high-quality experiences and results. Three years into running the brokerage, COVID-19 happened and like so many small businesses, Christian found himself needing to re-evaluate and put all options on the table to make it threw.

After much deliberation, strategizing, planning and zoom video calls with trusted friends and business consultants, Christian made the hard choice to let go of his prime West Seattle office location in the Admiral District, which had been home to Sea-Town Real Estate for over 3 years. He also saw an opportunity to pivot and convert his brand and agent’s into a team model (Sea-Town Team) at the innovative cloud-based brokerage, eXp Realty. This opportunity enabled Christian to free up both his financial resources and time (to better serve his agents and his clients) in a way that was not possible while running a brokerage firm.

The switch really combined the best of two worlds: Christian was able to continue growing the Sea-Town brand that he spent so much time building in the West Seattle community, while also offloading the time and money sucking aspects of owning a brokerage. Serving and making an impact in the local community has always been his goal, and he just happens to do this through the vehicle of real estate… and now he has more time for both. Part of this has been built into their business model, by quarterly partnering with local non-profits and donating a portion of their sales proceeds to a local non-profit of their clients choice. The Sea-Town Team also get’s their agents involved by incentivizing their Brokers to volunteer and give back to the community on a regular basis.

As another means to support and strengthen the local community and neighborhoods, Christian created the “West Seattle Daily” Alexa Flash Briefing (Video versions can also be found on the Sea-Town Instagram, Facebook & YouTube channel). In 2016, he also founded and hosts The Sea-Town Podcast, where he interviews local business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders to help them tell their stories and spread the word about these great businesses and non-profits.

With having such a strong national network of friends in the Real Estate space, he decided to start giving back to the industry in part, by co-founded the RE:Think Real Estate Podcast, geared towards providing exceptional advise, best practices, news and top-notch guest interviews for the everyday real estate agent and broker across the country.

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